Water Supply

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board is receiving 59 LGPD of water from local water body Hyderabad Metro Water Supply & Sewerage Board, Government of Telangana, which is being supplied to residents of Cantonment  Board. The total no. of water connections sanctioned by the Cantonment Board is about 34,000 as on Jan, 2021. There is a vast pipeline network inside the Cantonment area and due to geographical constraints in the area, there is a requirement of water to be pumped to some area, while in the remaining areas, water can be released on the basis of gravity. There are total of 15 intake water supply points for receiving water from source pipeline of HMWS&SB out of which the water is supplied directly from 6 tapping points, while at the remaining points, water is received and then pumped to various localities through distribution network. The total piped network is about 398 KM of various diameters. The Board is also supplying drinking water through tankers. Other than drinking water, the Board is also maintaining borewells with submersible pump sets. The list of reservoirs/pump houses located within Cantonment Jurisdiction and maintained by the Secunderabad Cantonment Board are tabulated below.

Pump Houses / ReservoirsWater intake in Lakh Gallons (Per Day)
Balamrai Pump House 15
Bowenpally Pump House 8.5
Gun Bazar Pump House 1.5
AOC Railway Colony Pump House 5
Mahendra Hills Pump House 2.5
Dhanalaxmi Society Tank 0.5
Balamrai Society Tank 0.2
SN Society Tank 0.4
Ammuguda Tapping Point 0.2
Balamrai Check Post Tapping Point 2
Karkhana Reservoirs 6.4
Risala Bazar ELSR 5
Lothkunta Pump House 2.8
Hasmatpet Tapping Point 4.5
Gunrock Pump House 4.5
Total 59